Dear Black People

We need help. Y’all are better at this shit than we are.

I was at a Pomen today. A Pomen is a service that’s performed at a Serbian Orthodox Church to pray for someone who’s died, and to pay attention to the people grieving that person. It can get emotional.

serbian-family-tree2There are lots of these that go on all the time. Lots of stories behind them. Like the story I heard about my cousins – a father and daughter who got shot by Klansmen “cops” because the wife/mother was Croatian (White). His sister also got killed for Breathing While Serb. In the Croatian No-Man’s-Land (ghetto) we Serbs play (played) the part of the ‘Blacks.’ Since we’re culturally extinct now we need to use the past tense.

They didn’t kill the wife, though. They left her alive so that she could remember it for the rest of her life. Klansmen love driving women like us insane.

Why were cops coming out of the closet as full-fledged Klansmen? Because the country had allowed them to.


Srbe na vrbe,” “Lynch the Serb.”

That’s a hundred-year-old Croatian nursery rhyme. We were the minority in their country. We went from 20 percent to 2 percent in 50 years. Klansmen on steroids . A/K/A Ustasha.

Virulent_Serbophobia_in_SplitIt all started when the employers fired all the Serbs. None of us were any good at what we did, anyway, we just had those jobs because of Tito’s version of affirmative action. Then the “cops” started visiting lots of people in towns everywhere in the country, taking them away for “questioning” as terrorist suspects. They started with the most prosperous and influential, and worked their way down until they’d killed everybody who might oppose them. Croats have never liked wasting bullets on Serbs and prefer beating us to death, or other creative methods. After that, they started talking about letting the others leave the country. Then came the killing of old, crippled people to telegraph the message that in the next round, if you did not go, there would be no mercy. And leave all your shit behind. And don’t forget to pay the light bill, or we won’t let you out. These Klansmen sure know their business. They think of everything.

Oh, but I can’t know anything about this. I’m a White woman in America. What do I know about racism?

tulsa-riotThere are so many stories just like this. This country, the USA, is full of them. And I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a kid, fifty years ago. As was my old man before me.

We didn’t know who we were. We had survived all this because Grandma ‘converted’ and was no longer a Serb. She passed. But you should see what we did with that Magic ‘N’ word they pass out when you get off the boat! A masterpiece.

My dad was a Krajina Serb who thought he was an American Bigot – I’m gonna say the Most Fascinating Bigot of All Time.

He raised me to be the opposite.

linda4yoEvery day he’d start another argument about the niggers, that’s with the hard ‘er’ at the end. Then he’d let me have the last word, which no one else on earth ever got. In order to get it I had to establish a point 180 degrees to the opposite. I want to emphasize, I had to be quite radical, using the snotty, pissed-off tone I’m using right now, handiwork of the Most Fascinating Bigot of All Time. This was no mild liberalism. I could not have that prized last word, which I always got – I was so spoiled, daddy’s darlin’ little prodigy – until I’d established a very defiant assertion of the opposite.

What’s the opposite of an American Bigot?

A Krajina Serb.

We are exceptionally good at not passing.  We didn’t even need to know what our groove was to get it back.

So, as I was saying, we’ve been talking about ourselves all these years. We thought we were talking about you. In fact, I’ve spent 50 years mourning the family I didn’t know I had. That’s what I was feeling when I heard all of your stories. As if it was happening to me, because it was happening to me. And people with those kinds of stories are exactly the people I surrounded myself with and raised a family with.

brain3I mean, I know what they’re saying about us. Melanin isn’t just found in the skin, it’s also found in the brain. This means that mutants like White people, who lack melanin, are deficient in vital brain chemistry and it leads to various defects like sociopathic behavior or a lack of ESP. White people have little sixth sense as a result.

But I sixth-sensed y’all, didn’t I?

That’s the backstory. Here’s the point. I’m hearing a lot of neo-Separatism. White Man is the Devil shit. Okay, the devil is the devil. Some cultures call him the Trickster. He’s sure got you fooled.

What do I see in neo-Separatists? I see a bunch of people talking smack – wannabe third-rate Serbs, when we were first-rate Serbs and where did that get us? We’re gone, history, culturally-extinct. A few more Pomens in a few more decades, and we will be forever silent . As if we never existed.

We need help. Y’all are better at this shit than we are.

So why don’t you just get back to doing what you do and help a brother and sister out?

Yeah, I said brother and sister. We’re all from Africa. You can claim anybody you want. You’re in the cat bird’s seat when it comes to that. You know what to do.

christina-ricciJust keep pulling those brothers and sisters in and keep them real safe. Help them heal their little Inna Niggas, if need be. You’re the experts. Cuba Gooding does it all the time. I’ve even seen Samuel do it. Since that’s the mess that fuels racism, it’s a very shrewd move.

When you’re a minority it’s a numbers game. Play like the Iroquois. They were nobodies at the beginning of the Beaver Wars. But they won by loving their enemies. They’d go steal some of them, then adopt them as full members of the family and love them like someone they were mourning (that part is the key). Pretty soon, they were the biggest NDN Nation on the East Coast. About the only one to survive. Nobody would have guessed that in 1650.

You know, it could go viral. White people changing their race on their ID’s. Who can dispute it? We’re all from Africa. There’s no way to prove I have no Ancestors from Africa. It’s a scientific impossibility. And if the One Drop Rule was acceptable when it was being used as a tactic to build a nation by stealing other people’s lives, it’s got to be acceptable in dismantling such a reprehensible institution.  And I obviously favor those Ancestors. Just look at my behavior. Here I am looking 100% Caucasian and I still refuse to pass for White.

And there’s plenty of scholars who will tell you that most White people claiming Indian ancestry are just trying to hide their Black ancestry. And most White people claim some Indian Ancestry. We sure did on my mom’s side. So there. And then there are those government records that have me listed as the head of a Black household for five or six years when I was raising my children.

judeThere’s a lot of them who could really get into it. Like that legend about the King of Denmark who came out wearing a Star of David on his arm the day after the Nazis ordered Jews to wear them. The next day every Dane in the country was wearing a star. Nazis never could haul the real Jews out of there.

So, the next time you get to talking to somebody White about something like Ferguson and they tell you they’re not racists tell them, ‘Kool. Wanna convert to Black? We need people like you. Just go down to the DMV and change your ID.’

So, some will just get silenced real quick, just the ones you want keeping their mouths shut, while other people will get into it.

st-thomasThey’ll be tripping, but put up with it. It’s the numbers game that’s important. You want to keep working these people until they’ve become loyal to you. Anybody who can work 600,000 White men into fighting their War of Liberation for them, like St. Thomas and his brethren and sestren did, can pull anybody they want into a ferocious loyalty.

It’s all about loyalty. But you gotta stop defining them as White. Everybody has to get convinced they’re really Black. It’s just a word. It can mean anything you want it to mean. Own it. Like when my eight-year old son, took my hand, looked up at me real sweet and said, “momma, are you my nigga’?” The word’s an endearment now. That’s how you do it. You’re already doing it.

It’s easy, you just look at them really intensely and tell them that they’re not really White. You can see it, and you say it like it’s the coolest thing in the world you just can’t get enough of. Before you know it, you’ll have them convinced. Admit it, this could be a lot more pleasant than anything St. Thomas had to do.

Anybody can be loyal to anybody they want to be loyal to. And if there’s a race war on the horizon in this country, which it looks like there is, you want all the people you can get loyal to you.

Why do I think there’s a race war on the horizon? Because the same things are going on in politics and in the media that were going on when they were getting ready to do us. We are all being played. The White people, too. Now, that doesn’t mean the people playing all of us aren’t White. I imagine most of them are, though none of us know who these people are. It’s hardly anybody we voted for, I’m guessing.

They are the same people who bankrolled those goons who exterminated my cousins twenty years ago. It’s in the public record.

Being chattel is not the worst thing that can happen to you. The worst thing that can happen to you is being vermin. That’s what happened to us, and that’s why we’re extinct. Some of y’all have had that status for awhile now. It’s a VERY dangerous position to be in.

This is not a time for self-indulgent smack talking. It’s a time to get real about survival. You’ve already got the reflexes of the people who pulled 600,000 White men into fighting their War of Liberation for them. You know what to do.

Do it.

It’s time to change the world again.

Nobody else can do this like you can.

You’ve just got to get those White people to fall in love with you. Again.

You know exactly what to do. Start praying, first off an apology to St. Thomas. I mean it, you’ve got to apologize to the dude. That’s one of the most remarkable figures in world history, the progenitor of non-violence worldwide. The Man deserves respect. And once he gets that, everything else will fall into place.

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